25 Feb 1947

FLEMMER, John Marius: 


JOHN MARIUS8 FLEMMER (OWEN JOHN7, MARIUS TOGER6, HANS CHRISTIAN5) was born 25 February 1947. He married (1) MARIJKE KEEMING. She was born 16 February 1954. He married (2) PETRA LOURENS 29 May 1981 in East London South Africa. She was born 18 March 1957 in East London South Africa.

Born on 25 February 1947, schooled at Milton High and Bulawayo Tech in what was then Rhodesia. Have lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia and have worked in purchasing and store management. I have two children, Ashleigh and Marius.

I have always enjoyed a good game of squash and won two squash titles in my time. I used to do a lot of road running but unfortunately my age has caught up with me and my knees have packed up, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. I am still an avid pigeon fancier and a proud owner of a stud. One of my highlights was winning a racing pigeon championship. Reading is also one of my passions.

In the past I have served on a number of organisations/committees and have had the privilege of acting as chairman and enjoyed the fulfilment of helping others in need. I was President of Lions Club.