15 April 1953

HERBERT, Patrick Austin:

PATRICK AUSTIN6 HERBERT (RONALD HAROLD5, HAROLD4, JAMES BROADBENT3, JAMES BROADBENT2, THOMAS1) was born 15 April 1953 in Salisbury Rhodesia. He married PETRONEL RICHTER 16 June 1995 in Holy Trinity Kalk Bay Cape Town, daughter of JOHANNES RICHTER and GERTRUIDA MORKEL. She was born 6 February 1964 in Cape Town South Africa. Patrick is the son of KATHLEEN NORAH7 FLEMMER (MARIUS TOGER6, HANS CHRISTIAN5) born 12 August 1914 in East London South Africa, and died 31 October 1972 in Cape Town South Africa. She married RONALD HAROLD HERBERT 5 April 1940 in East London South Africa, son of HAROLD HERBERT and EDITH HARROP. He was born 13 November 1912 in Wallasey Cheshire England, and died 23 November 1988 in East London South Africa.

A PERSONAL HISTORY on 6 february 2003

Patrick Herbert: A Personal History 

1953: Born 15/4 Mater Dei Hospital Harare, Zimbabwe - formerly Salisbury,
Southern Rhodesia
1962: November - after an idyllic childhood prior to going to school (never a popular event) - we all left for England via Kenya Castle Mail ship. I was seasick for the majority of the voyage. Arrived totally unprepared for the English winter. 
1964: After an interesting stay, mostly in West Kirby (attended Dormy House School the best of my career) near Liverpool, we happily left after 2 extreme winters and my father's discontent and returned to Cape Town. Went to Fish Hoek junior school, lived in Clovelley and St James.
1965: Enrolled at St Joseph's College in Rondebosch. 
1966: Family moved to Lusaka, Zambia, became a Boarder at St Joseph's until matric 1971. Not a happy experience but luckily both Steve and Terry periodically lived in Cape Town then and were good to me.
1972: Got a life assurance job early in the year. My mother died after a long illness in October.
1974: Draft-dodging, left for England permanently did various jobs, went on the Dole. 
1977: Returned for a holiday that ended up in permanent residence.
1978: Started work as an Insurance Broker at PFV.
1985: Completed FCII.
1986: Joined Fairheads Trust.
1987: Became a Partner and Director of Fairheads Insurance Broking Company.
1988: My father died in East London.
1991: Traveled Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, USA and Canada, where I saw Steve and family, then London and Ireland.
1992: Holiday Egypt, France, England, Spain, Holland to see Steve and family.
1993: To Australia to see Terry and family, London, France, Russia, Holland to see Steve and family
1994: Holiday to Kenya.
1995: Married to Ronel Richter 16/6 during Rugby World Cup. Terry and Steve both here for the event. Signed lease for Oudrif Farm and started CC with Bill Mitchell. Honeymoon in the Comores.
1996: Holiday London, Holland and then with Steve tracing family history in Denmark, then to Italy. Bought Fairsure Insurance Brokers, became MD.
1997: Holiday Maldives 
1998: Holiday Mauritius , also London & Greece for Judy's 50th on Mykonos. Sold Fairsure to Sovereign who in turn sold Sovereign Fairsure to The Business Bank. Retirement imminent at that stage as Managing Director.
2000: Holiday in Thailand. Resigned Sovereign Fairsure on a Restraint of Trade; non-executive director. The Business Bank liquidated, therefore no retirement in sight as Sovereign Fairsure continues. 11/2000 official launch of new financial services product and company Propell Levy Finance Solutions Pty Ltd. Marketing Director with Charles Coetzee and others.
2001: After 5 years' work and +- R1mil Oudrif is officially launched as eco-friendly guest farm, houses made of plastered straw bales, solar and gas power sources. The buy line: 'relax in splendid isolation'. New company Risk Benefit Solutions takes over the whole of Sovereign Fairsure in a bloodless coup. We all put the whole Sovereign episode behind us.Now non-executive Director. Wonderful working trip/holiday to St Helena with the brothers and then on to England and Istambul on the way home . We all had a wonderful time.On the underwriting committee with the brothers for St Helena Insurance captive started by Terry Herbert.
2002: Started Catalyst Risk Managers for Catalyst Holdings Pty Ltd to put together an insurance package and risk management for the group, that deals in property and dooes property administration.It is an interesting challenge along with my other diverse work responsibilities


I have a great love for the sea nature peace and love as well as books art MUSIC and movies. I like to exercise by walking, swimming, have run marathons and skydived, as well a scuba diving. I love to cook and am essentially a vegetarian with fish on the side. I live in the most idyllic place to practise all these interests, in Kalk Bay, where I put down roots after wandering around for so long. My family has gravitated here over the past few years and it is good to see them regularly after we lived on separate continents for so many years.