30 Sept 1939

LANCASTER, John Edward Compton:

JOHN EDWARD COMPTON2 LANCASTER (ARTHUR COMPTON1) was born 30 September 1939, and died 20 November 1986 in USA. He married JOHANNA WILHELMINA VAN DEN BRAND 17 February 1962. She was born 19 November 1939. He was the grandson of WILHELMINA AUGUSTA6 FLEMMER (HANS CHRISTIAN5) born 2 March 1874 in Steynsburg South Africa. She married (1) CHARLES BRIGHTSON CALEY. She married (2) HERMAN VERMAAK 13 November 1899 in Steynsburg South Africa, son of HERMANUS VERMAAK and CHRISTINA HOLTZHAUSEN. He was born 29 April 1864 in Uitenhage Cape Colony, and died 18 October 1918 in Central Hotel Dewetsdorp South Africa.

Eldest son of Arthur and Catherine Alieda Lancaster(nee Vermaak) daughter of Wilhelmina Augusta Vermaak (born Flemmer) and granddaughter of Hans Christian Flemmer and Aletta Alida Hopley.

Born in Kroonstad, Orange Free State on 30.9.1939

Educated at Rondebosch Boys Junior and Senior School. Attained his B. Com CA (SA). Went into private practice in 1972 and ran his own company until his early, tragic death in America at the age of 47.

Married Johanna Cornelia Henrietta Lancaster (nee van den Brand) (Born 19.11.1939) on 17 February 1962. Four children were born

Peter John Compton Lancaster (born 14.12.1964) Schooled at Rondebosch Boys Junior and High Schools. Matriculated in 1982. Attended Abbotts College in 1983 with a distinction in Physiology. Read a Bachelor of Social Science at Rhodes university from 1984 to 1988. Underwent National Service in the Medical Corp from 1989 to 1990 having served as full lieutenant in the SA Navy in Simonstown. Joined 3 Medical Batallion Citizen force unit and was promoted to Captain. First job with NICRO in August 1990 to Feb 1991 when I resigned to join Safmarine. I left Safmarine in 1994 as a Personnel Officer. I was retrenched in July 2000 as Human Resources Superintendent. I then formed my own company as "Journeys in Human Resources" and I am the Managing Consultant. I play a lot of bridge and like to keep fit at the gym.

Robert Andrew Compton Lancaster (born 18.10.1966) Schooled at Rondebosch Boys Junior and High Schools. Matriculated at Abbots College in 1984. Completed a National Diploma in IT. Spent much of his working career as a Programmer at the Old Mutual. After a short stop with ADO he joined Racal Electronics as a Systems Engineer in the IT programming side. 
Married to Belinda Kieser on 20.2.1998. They have one son, Seth Robert Compton Lancaster born 3.1.2000.
Robert spends all his free time in front of the PC and listens to music.

Lianne Compton Lancaster (born 26.8.1968) married to Desmond Booth on 10th October 1992. They have a son Matthew John Booth born 9th July 1998. A second baby is expected at the end of Sept 2001.

Michael Alan Compton Lancaster (born 9.2.1970)
Schooled at Rondebosch Boys Junior and High Schools. Thereafter Michael did his national service, and an apprenticeship in Photolithography with Hirt and Carter. After quite a stay there they trained him as the Apple Mac's and he left shortly afterwards to join Hunt Lascaris as their DTP Computer Manager. As their top colour retarding specialist Mike became bored and is currently expanding his horizons with Primary Colours in the USA for two years.