LEA, Fay
(nee Mast-Ingle)
20 July 1944

LEA, Fay (nee Mast-Ingle):

Lea Fay (Mast-Ingle) FAY2 MAST-INGLE (HAROLD ROYDON1) was born 20th July 1944 in Johannesburg. She married (1) MURDO JOHN MACRAE. He was born 12th April 1937. She married (2) BRIAN ROBERT LEA born 23rd Feb 1933 son of KEITH HERBERT LEA and DOROTHY BLANCHE ROBERTS. Fay is the daughter of PHYLLIS ELAINE FLEMMER7 FLEMMER (ARTHUR CLAUDE6, CHRISTIAN LUDVIG5) born 22nd November 1911 and died 25th May 1998. She married HAROLD ROYDON MAST-INGLE 4 September 1937 in St Peter's Church Cradock South Africa. He was born 12th May 1912, and died 8th August 1994. son of FREDERICK CHARLES WILLIAM INGLE born 11th Nov 1883 in Phillipolis and CATHERINE BEATRICE ADELINE MAST born 31st July 1891.

The Personal History of Fay Mast-Ingle Lea. Born 20th July 1944 in Johannesburg. Daughter of Harold Roydon Mast-Ingle and Phyllis Elaine Flemmer Flemmer Mast-Ingle.

The date is January 2003, I am living in a retirement village at Noordhoek with my husband Brian. We married in 1980 and have had an amazing and eventful twenty three years together. We met in 1976, when Gordon my son was fourteen and Debbie-Jean my daughter was ten. Sadly I had divorced Murdo John MacRae, the children's father and had been a single parent for nine years.

Brian had two sons who were eighteen and twenty years old. After a year of marriage, Debbie asked Brian to adopt her. This he bravely and willingly did, and the two have forged a close relationship over the years, she and her husband Ridge have produced two additional grandchildren for him. 

I have five grandchildren of my own and six step grandchildren, each one holds a special place in my heart. 

In 1992 with a career which spanned thirty years, having worked my way up in various companies to the position of National Credit Manager, I retired when I finally received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis after struggling for several years with mysterious bouts of illhealth. This came as a great shock and changed my life dramatically. 

I have learnt to compromise with the situation and in so doing, I lead a full and interesting life pursuing my hobbies and interests and at the same time allowing my body the necessary rest and consideration it requires to keep the disease under control. 

My interest in the family history was sparked while suffering a particularly bad spell in 1992, when I received a copy of 'The Little Dane' from my Aunt Dené Flemmer de Lancey, my Mom's sister, which I had never seen. I began the long and time consuming road to tracing the family roots. I was able to combine my enjoyment of computers, and the fulfilment of gathering of facts which enabled me to correspond with so many members of the family around the world. 

I was born in Johannesburg and attended Roosevelt High School. After 30 years I moved to Cape Town and in spite of living here for nearly 30 years, I still support the Transvaal rugby teams. 

In 1981 Brian and I travelled 4000 kms around South Africa on a Yamaha 1100 motorcycle visiting all the provinces over a four week period. We now enjoy a slightly more sedate form of transport but travel a great deal.



The date is October 2015 and I am updating this entry for the new webpage that Colleen Flemmer has designed.

The quest for breaking down the ancestral brick walls and finding more information on the family continues. After twenty five years of researching, there are not many Flemmer family members we have not documented. It is now a matter of keeping the Family Tree updated. Easier said than done getting important events from the family. I have recorded more than one hundred and fifty births in the family between 2000 and 2015. We have lost many family members in the past fifteen years. 


Taking a leaf out of Steve’s book I too am producing a book on Brian’s family. It has been an interesting journey as so little was known about the roots of the Lea family in Sandbach Cheshire. Just like the Flemmer’s the Lea family is vast, Steve’s book on the Delbridges was a huge challenge but one he rose to as we come to expect from him. 


Brian and I have moved across Cape Town – still in a retirement village and although we have smaller accommodation we still have a beautiful view across the wine farms and wheat fields. Sadly we sold our beloved Harley Davidson and we both miss it. We are still doing many trips around South Africa and still enjoy travelling, but as I said in my closing of the previous who’s who, it is more sedate travelling now. The latest to the Tankwa Karoo National Park in the area of the Afrikaburn Festival site to which Brian, who is now 82 has been for the past four years. He has just purchased his ticket for the 2016 Festival. Needless to say I don’t accompany him to this event.


Our children have all reached middle age and our grandchildren are spread around the world following their dreams. Three are married and another wedding to look forward to in February 2016. 

The pleasure that we derive from the interaction with the grandchildren is immeasurable. They keep up us up to date with new technology and I am often amazed at how communication has changed, in such a short time, technology aside, just the way speech has changed. The phrases, ‘you know’ and ‘like’ come to mind. 

I wonder how Christian August Flemmer and Betty Von Abo Flemmer would react if they were suddenly sitting in amongst us. I do hope they would be proud of their legacy.