(nee Rous)


RAINIER-POPE, Jill (nee Rous) :

JILL3 ROUS (MARCUS COLE2, JAMES COLE1) was born 1932. She married CHRISTOPHER RAINER-POPE. He was born 1931. She is the grand daughter of ANNA LOUISE6 FLEMMER (CHRISTIAN LUDVIG5) born 28 January 1874 in Cradock South Africa, and died 1941. She married JAMES COLE ROUS 26 March 1902 in St. Peter's Cradock South Africa. He was born 1874.

I was born in Cape Town. My parents divorced when I was 5 years of age and my brother James 18 months. I attended Micklefied school and then went on to St Cyprians School, where I matriculated at the age of 16. At high school I played hockey, cricket and tennis.

My mother was involved in SAWAS and when asked to open the RAF station in George she went along with another English lady whose husband was involved in the RAF; plus a young pilot. On the return journey they had a motor accident and my mother died, the other two passengers were seriously injured. I was then 8 yrs old.

As my father, (UCT gold medallist) a surgeon, was up north on active service, we continued to stay with my grandparents. Two years later my Dad returned and felt that it was important that we youngsters should be with him. (For this I am extremely grateful, as he was a fantastic father to me.) There was a court case for custody and we went to live with him and his second wife Jean (Dr Walker), who was a dermatologist. She had a son, my brother Galbraith, who subsequently could not stand the name, had it changed to David. Jean left the home for another man and I was left in charge of the home and both my brothers. My Dad often did not come home until the early hours and was very involved in his work. I can remember in the evenings having to arrange operations for him at the Monastery Nursing Home, when he needed to have the theatre and an anaesthetist. After many phone calls, I would call him back at his meeting to tell him all the details! (This was at the tender age of 12 years!)

Dad then married Jeanette van der Lingen and my sister Jennifer was born some time later as I was already at Rhodes University. Jeanette was a librarian and worked at the National Library in CT. Jenny is now working at the National Botanical Institute Kirstenbosch. She is also fluent in French and does translating.

I desperately wanted to do Medicine, but Dad felt that this was not a career for a woman. I thus started with a B.Sc. hoping to change, but Dad had other ideas and after a year at Varsity, where I represented Rhodes at hockey and cricket; also played hockey for Albany province, as it was known in those days, I then commenced in Radiography. I qualified at Hammersmith Hospital in London. 

I worked in Cape Town for many years in a private practice and then at Boston Children's Hospital after we were married. Worked in Port Elizabeth and did tutoring at Baragwanath Hospital and in a private practice in Johannesburg, as well as at ISCOR at Vanderbijl park.

Chris, a paediatrician, (UCT) and I married in 1961, we spent a year in the Cape and then a year in Boston, back to the Cape for a year where Mark was born, and a year in Port Elizabeth. Then up to Johannesburg, where Nick was born and after two years we relocated to Vereeniging and our third son, Paul was born. We stayed in Vereeniging for 27 years. Our boys went to Milton, the local primary school and then Mark matriculated at St Stithian's School in Johannesburg, Nick matriculated at Riverside High in Vereeniging and Paul at St Andrew's School in Bloemfontein. 

Mark subsequently did a course in Metallurgical Mining at the Tech in Johannesburg and was the top student at the Tech in that year with doing a four year course in three years and obtaining 17 distinctions in 19 subjects. He was on Elandsrand mine and now on Western Deep Levels, where he does computer work, planning the mining operations. He is married to Julie (Williamson) and they have a daughter Jessica. Mark has been in canoeing and done the Dusi, as well as the Comrades a number of times and Triathlons. Also plays squash.

Nicolas qualified in Medicine, naturally at UCT as his father and grandfather did. He married Paula (Simpson) and they have a son Luke. Paula is a dietician and has been working in Kamploops. They are resident in British Columbia. He has been running a GP practice 4 hours drive from Vancouver. He is now going to do a course in Emergency Medicine in Vancouver and plans to practice in Kamloops thereafter. They have taken out Canadian citizenship. We have been fortunate enough to visit them twice in the 5 years they have been away. Nick has played a fair amount of squash. Loves skiing and mountain biking.

Paul is a Representative Agent for a Medical company. Marketing artificial hips, shoulders, knees etc and works closely with Orthopaedic surgeons. His wife Joanne is a pilot with SAA and this affords them many opportunities for travel. They live in the Cape. Both enjoy golf, Paul does mountain climbing, has done the Two Oceans many times and plays hockey.

In Vereeniging Chris and Jill were involved in school activities and on PTA and in the Boy Scout Movement, Chris as District Commissioner and Jill as Pack Scouter, ADC Cubs and ADC Adult Leader Training, for a total of 20 years. We also looked after a Boy Scout campground on Vaal Dam, for 20 years. Chris was on the Vaal branch council of the Medical Association, was President and Secretary at various times.

In our church Chris was on council on many occasions and Jill a Lay Minister. We helped run Lenten courses each year and Renew courses.

We were in Rotary from 1981 and Jill was President Secretary and Treasurer of the Rotary Anns at various times. Chris ran many items for the Youth through Rotary, Career guidance, Leadership courses, Inter School Quizzes etc.

In Cape Town now for 6 years, Jill continues with Lay Minister at St Paul's Church Rondebosch. Also involved in running Alpha courses. Chris is a steward and also once again on church council.

Chris still walks on the mountain regularly, Jill has unfortunately had to stop this.