(nee Flemmer)


RANSOME, Joyce Annette (nee Flemmer):

JOYCE ANNETTE8 FLEMMER (JOHN 'JACK' SWEET DISTIN7, JOHN DISTIN6, CHRISTIAN LUDVIG5) was born 30 May 1946. She married GLENN RANSOME. He was born 23 September 1946.

BORN 30TH MAY 1946

Joyce remembers growing up in Johannesburg. Her earliest memories are of their little house in Troyville. There were lots of friends to play with and she loved her school, and Sunday school. She did not see much of her brothers Ludvig and John as they had busy social lives after work and at weekends.

Her sister Joan, who was married, would spend Sundays with Joyce and her parents. She taught Joyce to knit and later to sew. Her visits were eagerly looked forward to. Once she made beautiful crocheted clothes for Joyce's doll. Another time she made a puppet theatre and puppet. It delighted Joyce very much.

Her sister Maurine, lived in Durban with her husband. She would write home and enclose notes for Joyce. She would spend holidays with Joyce and her parents. These were really highlights. Joyce would miss her so, when she returned to Durban.

Later Joyce and her parents moved to Judith's Paarl, Johannesburg. Brothers Ludvig and John both married at about this time. Later Maurine and her family came to live in Johannesburg. Whenever there was a birthday, there would be a family gathering. Joyce remembers her brother in law Johnny playing his guitar and singing beautiful Italian songs. Later when Joan had a piano, father Jack would play and sing, much to everyone's delight. Jack and Muriel always loved their large family and were loved by them.

When Joyce was 11 years old, she and her parents left their lovely house in Judith's Paarl and went to live in Saratoga Avenue Doornfontein. It was to be their home for the next nine years. Joyce attended Barnato Park High School for Girls for two years, then Commercial High School where she matriculated.

Her working career started at the United Building Society, where she was a shorthand typist for two years. She felt she wanted more from life than this, so he enrolled at the Johannesburg College of Education to be trained as teacher. The family moved to a house in Melville.

After receiving her Transvaal Teacher's Diploma, she obtained a permanent post at Melville Primary School. Her first class were eight year olds, and it was a wonderful year. She met Glen Ransome at a church guild. 

The Melville house was sold, so Joyce and her parents moved to a flat in Bellavista Estate, west Turffontein. After two years of teaching, Joyce left for London where she worked as a shorthand typist for the Building Centre in Holborn. After four interesting months she went on an Austrian ski tour, then returned home. She resumed her teaching career, this time at Parkview Senior School where she taught English, Biblical studies and Needlework to 11 year olds. She taught here for a year.

She then obtained permanent post at Forest Hill Primary School. Here she taught 8 and 9 year olds for four and a half years. Soon after she started teaching at this school Joyce and Glen married. Glen worked in advertising. They lived in a flat in Gillview. After 5 years of marriage they moved to their own home in Randpark Ridge, Randburg.

Joyce taught at Northcliff Primary School for a year, then left to have her first child. Suzette was born in 1977 and Andrew in 1979. Joyce found motherhood very fulfilling with never a dull moment. In 1986 Michelle was born. This created a lot of interest for the older children, who loved helping their mother with the new baby.

The years flew by and Suzette had a dear baby of her own - Robert