(nee Hodgson)


RICHARDS, Ann Marie (nee Hodgson):

ANN MARIE2 HODGSON (THOMAS ACKROYD1) was born 15 April 1925. She married PAUL EDWARD RICHARDS. Ann is the daughter of CONSTANCE ELOISE6 FLEMMER (HANS CHRISTIAN5, CHRISTIAN AUGUST4) who was born 9 March 1888, and died 29 August 1939 in Yeoville Johannesburg. She married (1) CHARLES JOSEPH DOUGLAS BROTHERS, son of CHARLES BROTHERS and ALICE JACKERN. He was born June 1880 in London England, and died 14 September 1913 in Yeoville Johannesburg. She married (2) THOMAS ACKROYD HODGSON born c 1889 Newcastle Natal married 16 September 1916 in St Mary's Johannesburg. Died Johannesburg 1965

I was born on East London on 15th April 1925. I married Paul Edward Richards (better known as Bill) in 1945. At the age of 4 I came to Johannesburg. I went to Yeoville Convent in primary school and then to St Mary's. When I left school I worked for the Canadian Government.

I was married at 20 and had Maree at 21. When my husband sold his shares in Geen & Richards he opened Paul Richards & Sons. I then did quite a bit of interior decorating. We also were part of the first 12 people to open the Organic Market at the Michael Mount School, Bryanston.

When Paul Richards & Sons was closed I worked for Rivonia Estates and then 5th Avenue Properties. I retired 3 years ago.

My husband died in 1997 and I then went to live with my daughter Maree. We spend most of our time looking after Ben my great great grandson - quite a handful.

March 2004