(nee Flemmer)


SHELVER, Helen Claire (nee Flemmer) :

HELEN CLAIRE9 FLEMMER (NOLAN GEORGE8, OSWALD NOLAN7, MARIUS TOGER6, HANS CHRISTIAN5) was born 7 February 1969. She married STUART RICHARD SHELVER 24 September 1999. He was born 12 April 1969.

I was born in East London on 7th February 1969. My mom and Dad are Jenny and Nolan Flemmer. I have 2 older sisters, Shirley and Colleen and one younger brother, David. I grew up in a beautiful double storey house, with a large garden, on the Nahoon River. The house was built by my great Grandfather, so it is a very special house. I had a fantastic childhood. No worries at all. We spent lots of time swimming in the swimming pool, playing tennis on our tennis court. My mom stayed at home with us children. We also had a nanny to look after us.

When I was 3 years old, I went to Playways Nursery School, of which I have great memories. I formed friendships there, which are still going today. We went on lots of family holidays to the Kruger Park in our combi, the Transkei, Cape Town, Durban etc. We also went to Mauritius for a family holiday. Happy Days!!!!!

At 5 years, I went to Sacred Heart Convent School as we are Catholic. I was only there for my Sub A year then it closed down. I then went to Clarendon Preparatory School for Sub B and Std 1, Clarendon Primary School from Std 2 to Std 5 and Clarendon High School for the rest of my schooling until Matric.

I matriculated in 1986. Clarendon is an all girls school. I had a lovely big group of friends at school. I really enjoyed school. In standard 9 and 10, my parents gave me a scooter. My other friends also had scooters, so you can imagine how much fun we all had together. We would be able to meet at the beach, movies etc. and not have to rely on our moms to fetch and carry us. My subjects at school were: English (1st language), Afrikaans (2nd language), Maths, Science, Biology and Art. Art was my favourite subject. After school I travelled to Malawi for a month. It was great fun!!

My interests/sports growing up were: extra art classes, squash, hockey, horse riding (I started when I was 6 years), modern dancing, reading and aerobic classes at gym.

After school I went to Rhodes University in Grahamstown (1987). My dad also went to Rhodes. Wow, I had a wonderful time there. Lots of parties. I stayed in a girls residence, Beit House, for 2 years, then I moved into digs at 26 Market Street for my remaining years at varsity. Jackie de Villiers (my cousin, her mom is Sally Flemmer) stayed in digs with me my last year at varsity. At varsity I studied B.Prim.Ed. it is a four year degree, but I failed English and Afrikaans in my first year (I am not one for languages), so I stayed at Rhodes for five years. After my first year I did very well at my studies. While I was there I obtained my Aerobics Instructors Certificate, my Outdoor Education Instructors Certificate, I came first in the fitness section of the Rhodes Super Sport's Star competition. I also obtained my Open Water Diving qualifications. I worked in a surf shop every varsity holiday for extra pocket money.

From there I went to Cape Town and I studied a PostGraduate course at Barkly House (1992). It is a college for Nursery School and Pre-Primary teaching. It was a very tough year. I worked very hard. I stayed in digs with 5 other people. That was fun. I also worked at Greenmarket Square every Saturday, selling clothes, for extra pocket money.

In 1993 I went back to East London and started my teaching career at Stirling Primary School. I taught the Grade 2 (Sub B) class for two years. I first lived in a townhouse (Shamrock Sands) with two girl friends, then I moved into a block of flats (Courtley Flats) near Nahoon Beach. It was in my second year of teaching (1994) that I met the love of my life, Stuart Richard Shelver. He was born on 12 April 1969. He grew up in East London and went to Cambridge School. His parents are Norma and Michael Shelver. He has three older brothers, Tony, Patrick and Christopher. He matriculated in the same year as me (1986). After school he went to the University of Port Elizabeth and he studied Physical Chemistry. He obtained his Honours, then Masters and then his Doctorate in Chemistry. I met him in his 2nd Masters year. We travelled back and forth from East London to Port Elizabeth every weekend to see each other. I did not manage to get a job in PE but I did get one in Jeffrey's Bay, so after six months of seeing each other, we both moved to Jeffrey's Bay. We stayed in a rented house at 62 Kabeljous Street for 6 years. We went out for 5 years and then we were married (24th September 1999) in East London at the Holy Spirit Church and the reception was at my beautiful house where I grew up. It was a fantastic party enjoyed by all. We went to Nqabara in the Transkei for our honeymoon. Nqabara is a very special holiday place where our Flemmer family has been going for years. My dad taught me to fish there. I became the "master of fisher women". I have caught some big fish in my day. We also went to America for a month.

In 2000 Stuart and I built a beautiful double storey house at the renowned surf spot, "Supertubes". Stuart is a very, very keen surfer. We love life in Jeffrey's Bay.

I had my beautiful little boy, Timothy Stuart Shelver on 10th October 2001. He is built like a true Flemmer. He is a big boy. He luckily did not get any of the Flemmer curls that us three Flemmer girls have. He is a very happy boy, who loves the beach. We live across the road from the beach at 10b Mimosa Street, so he is on the beach every day.

As I am writing this, I am currently still teaching at Jeffrey's Bay Primary School. This is my 9th year teaching the Grade 1 children. Stuart works at Goodyear in Uitenhage. He is Rubber Chemist at Goodyear. We are both 33 years old. I am turning 34 next week. Timothy is 16 months in 8 days time. Life is just great!!!!!!!!!