STRETCH, David John :


DAVID JOHN STRETCH was born 16 August 1962 in Winton, New Zealand. On 6 January 2003 he became engaged to COLLEEN MARY9 FLEMMER (NOLAN GEORGE8, OSWALD NOLAN7, MARIUS TOGER6, HANS CHRISTIAN5) born 6 January 1967.

David John Stretch, son of Don (Gordon) (died 2014) and Alison Stretch. Date Of Birth 16 August 1962, Winton, New Zealand

Engaged to Colleen Mary Flemmer on 6 Jan 2003 in Mozambique 

Matriculated at Gore High School, Gore, New Zealand, South Island in 1980. Parents were sheep farmers so grew up on a farm his whole school life. 


Working life: 
1981: worked in the forestry industry, New Zealand

1982 - 1986: Studied Mining Engineering at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

1987 - 1997: Worked as a Mining Engineer on the aluminium smelter (Tewai) down south in Invercargill, New Zealand

1998 - 2000: Moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to work for the Aluminium Smelter there (DUBAL)

2000: Moved to Mozambique for the same work, this time for MOZAL, leaving Colleen in Dubai

2001: Reunited with Colleen when he took 6 months off to travel around South America. Was his first backpacking experience although he'd travelled extensively worldwide beforehand for work. Returned to South Africa en route back to New Zealand to catch up with Colleen's family and was offered another contract working for MOZAL Extension Project, however this time with a 6 month start in Johannesburg.

2002: Moved from Johannesburg to Mozambique at the beginning of the year until the end of May, after which he will be returning to Dubai for another few years.

An adventurist who loves anything to do with the outdoors. An avid hiker, climber, skier and diver. Enjoys endurance racing, FISHING!!!!!!!!!, boating, running, expensive toys, photography (at which he is brilliant! says Col) and cooking (even better!!!!!!! says Col). Also into 4x4 driving, white water rafting and anything really that pumps the adrenaline. Naturally he's a big rugby fan too but unfortunately supports the wrong team (says Col).



Dave and Colleen went on to have 2 children Troy Kelby Stretch (now 10) and Stella Mia Stretch (now 8). 

He never returned to Dubai, ended up in Richards Bay after Mozambique, then was re-patriated back to NZ for a while after which he was posted to St Petersburg Russia. Troy was born amidst all this to-ing and fro-ing and luckily the Russian project was canned (due to corrupt Russian officials) after 6 months so we were repatriated to NZ to await the next posting which was to Bunbury, Western Australia. Had 3 good years there in which time Troy was diagnosed with Crohns disease and became very ill and our second child Stella Mia was born. Project ended and we returned to NZ to settle close to his parents in a town in the Central Lakes District, Arrowtown. Rented a home whilst Dave, together with a builder, took a year off work to build our first home. Later he returned to work as a consultant to the same mine in Western Australia that he had been on (working one week on, two at home). 


Eventually tiring of the commuting life and Troy become increasingly unwell and spending more time in hospital, Dave gave up the work and returned to NZ full time. Itchy feet to keep busy resulted in us selling the house to build another smaller home on the other piece of land we still owned. Built a shed/house in the interim which we lived in whilst they built the main house. 2 Years on and we now are in the new house and don't think we'll ever leave. Dave still busy working on the landscaping  which might drag on a couple of years if he has his way - until such time as funds dry up and he'll need to get a real job!!!! His new passion is hunting (lots of deer, bunnies and wild goats in this area) and he has a few hunter-gatherer weekends away with the boys!!! Lots of new gun toys too!!!!!! 


His dad, Don, died a few weeks ago which has left a huge gap in our lives. I did the slide show for his dad's funeral which gave me an insight into their lives growing up in rural NZ. Made me also want to know more about our family and how everyone fits in. Hence offered to do the family site since Terry Herbert sadly passed away this year.


Troy ended up requiring a colostomy operation in 2015 which has made a huge difference to all of our lives. He is now free of pain and although he struggles with a colostomy bag, we are no longer restricted to being near a toilet. David took on a new role based locally in Queenstown as  Project Manager for a new campsite development going up in Glenorchy nearby. He is back to an office job with long working hours but enjoying the challenge of an eco-build that will be the first of its kind in New Zealand. The project is due to complete in June 2017. Dave still hunting, gathering and hiking when he gets the time. Life is pretty good!