TARR, Marie

(nee Pallister)


TARR, Marie Le Caux (nee Pallister) :

Tarr Marie ( Pallister) MARIE LE CAUX3 PALLISTER (GEOFFREY FLEMMER2, EDWARD1) was born 12 September 1938 in Boksburg Transvaal. She is the great granddaughter of TOGER ABO AUGUST5 FLEMMER (CHRISTIAN AUGUST4) born 5 October 1842 in Korsor Denmark, and died 20 June 1913 in Cradock Cape. He married ROSA CAROLINE PHILPS 16 October 1873 in St. Peter's Cradock South Africa, daughter of FREDERICK PHILPS and EMMA KEEN. She was born 10 December 1852 in Cradock Cape, and died 17 March 1908 in Cradock Cape. Marie married CECIL LORIMER TARR 30 June 1965 in Barberton Transvaal. He was born 29 June 1935 in Alice Eastern Cape.

January 15, 2003

At last just a note re my own particular family! I'm Marié Tarr, eldest child of Marié and Geoff Pallister.

I'm married to Cecil Tarr, whose mom came from the Alice district and whose dad came from Senekal in the Free State (both from farming stock). They settled in the Peddie district and later lived in the village.

We both graduated at Rhodes University but I only met Cecil later while he was teaching at Grey High School and I was teaching at Alexander Road High School in Port Elizabeth.

Cecil was appointed principal of the Peddie Secondary School and we ran the hostel for about 30 children, grade 1 to 10.

We had a wonderful life in this farming community until 1972 when the government announced that they were going to purchase all land belonging to whites in the Ciskei for black consolidation. The district distintegrated piecemeal from 1973 onwards. We eventually left at the end of 1980 and moved to Grahamstown for our children to start school in 1981.

The farm which had been in the Tarr family for 3 generations had 6 miles of river frontage on the Keiskama River. To replace this sweet veld farm was nigh impossible. However, we bought ground just out of Grahamstown and our family have enjoyed growing up in the "bush".

We have 4 children, whom Mom must have mentioned already: The eldest is Anne Lynn, now Ford, who studied Accounting at Rhodes and is now a risk mamager for the Standard Corporate Merchant Bank in Johannesburg. Her husband Wayne, also an accountant is with Transnet.
Then our eldest son, Geoff, who was with 6SAI in Grahamstown for 2 years, then transferred to Scottburgh when unrest there was very bad. He lives near us and is selling short term insurance and has a security business. He looks after us in his spare time!!

The 2 younger boys, John and Sandy, both very keen on sport studied Sports Admin & Management at P E Teknikon & Human Movement studies at University of P E respectively.

John is returning to the UK shortly to complete his 2 years working for the International Red Cross Organization. Has also played cricket and rugby there. Sandy has returned after his 2 year stint - played cricket for Sandford Cricket Club in Exeter very successfully and worked at the Walkabout Pub.

John, during his practical, spent 6 months at Gill College where he saw rugby photos of my dad, Geoff Pallister, when he was at Gill. This is really going back some time as dad passed away in 1983.

Sandy is currently job hunting in Cape Town and enjoying his cricket.

After leaving Peddie, Cecil taught Accounting at Graeme College. Later he was appointed to Rhodes Accounting staff to lecture students. This post has been most stimulating and he enjoys interaction with students and staff, some of whom he taught at Graeme College.

I'm working as a Librarian at the South African National Library for the Blind in Grahamstown. As a student I never realised the Library existed - when a post was advertised I applied. I was appointed to Student Department & realised I knew nothing so our Director kindly afforded me time (I was mornings only and Mom's taxi in the afternoons) to do a post grad diploma in Librarianship which was on offer at Rhodes at the time. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and never for a minute have I regretted it. Look, studying with 4 children and Cec teaching!!! - we all 6 wrote exams at the same time! I don't recommend it to anyone.

Every year during the Xmas holidays we try to get down to the Wilderness where my Grandfather built a house which has since been taken over by my brother Geoff. It is called Far Niente. It was built for the express purpose of getting the family together once a year. Well the family has grown and grown and sometimes we have been as many as 25. My brother Geoff, sister Estelle & I spent time with Mom at Far Niente - just a pity that time flies!!