(nee Geyser) 
6 Oct 1963 -

ETSEBETH, Lindi (nee Geyser) :

LINDI2 GEYSER (JOHN1) was born 6 October 1963. She married FRANCOIS CHRISTIAAN ETSEBETH 26 November 1983. He was born 10 August 1961. Lindi is the daughter of JOAN OLIVE8 FLEMMER (GEYSER) (JOHN 'JACK' SWEET DISTIN7, JOHN DISTIN6, CHRISTIAN LUDVIG5) born 28 March 1928. Joan married JOHN GEYSER 1949. He was born 20 September 1919.

Lindi Etsebeth nee Geyser, born, 16 October 1963. Matriculated in 1982 at Kelly Greenoaks Finishing School. Worked for Edgars for five years. Currently working for Nedbank (12 years). Married to Francois Christiaan Etsebeth on 26.11.1983. Two children: Kylie, born 25.1.1989 and Talia born 30.10.1990. A qualified aromatherapist, living in Johannesburg, travelled overseas to the UK, Europe and Canada in June 2000 for a month's holiday.