13 Aug 1975

FLEMMER, David Nolan: 


DAVID NOLAN9 FLEMMER (NOLAN GEORGE8, OSWALD NOLAN7, MARIUS TOGER6, HANS CHRISTIAN5) was born 13 August 1975. He married CATHERINE COSSER 21 September 2002 in Holy Family College Parktown Johannesburg. She was born 7 January 1976 in Johannesburg South Africa.

Personal History

Date Of Birth 13/09/1974

I went to Selborne College, East London and have lived in East London, London, Johannesburg. I travelled overseas for 3 years, Studied Chiropractic for 4 years.

My interests are rowing, snowboarding, outdoors life, hiking, fishing, and socialising. Grew up at St Anthony East London, enjoyed the life on the river, started studying chiropractic at Wits Tech in 1993, left in 1997 for Kibbutz In Israel, then Egypt, followed by work in London for 2 years. Then backpacked around South East Asia for 11 months (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Nepal). Worked for Tiffindell ski resort for 2 ½ years before starting this year at Canon South Africa.

Married to Catherine Cosser Johannesburg 21/09/2002

That's me!