(nee Mast)
15 August 1937
Briant, Patricia Elaine (nee Mast):  
PATRICIA ELAINE2 MAST (THEODORE MAURICE 'BILL'1) was born 15 August 1937. She married MICHAEL BRIANT. He was born 23 September 1936. Paddy is the daughter of BARBARA ANNA7 FLEMMER (JOHN DISTIN6, CHRISTIAN LUDVIG5) was born 23 July 1910 in Boksburg Transvaal, and died 14 May 1984 in Umzumbe Natal. She married THEODORE MAURICE 'BILL' MAST 31 March. He was born 3 March 1900 in Carolina Transvaal, and died 18 February 1996 in Durban South Africa.

I was born on 15th August 1937 in Johannesburg, South Africa. My parents, Barbara and Bill Mast had 4 children, John, myself, Noel and Wendy. When I was 11 years old, my family moved to Durban where I grew up. My parents had many money problems and I had to go to work very young to help the family financially - this was hard on me then but looking back, it gave me a good idea of how to look after money and live within my means. At the age of 22, I was a very silly, immature young girl, fell pregnant and had a little boy out of wedlock. He was adopted by Enid and Don Phillips. This family also lived in Durban. At the age of 28, Timothy found me, we met for the first time. I then also met Enid and Don - wonderful, Christian people. They became really good friends. Tim has been married twice and has an 11 year old son, Stuart.

Michael Briant sailed into Durban harbour onboard his authentic Chinese junk, this was in 1962, we married a few months later and so my sailing days began. Mike and I cruised for 6 years on 'Ying Hong'. We had two sons, John and Paul who were born in Grenada, British West Indies. John in 1964 and Paul in 1965. From the Caribbean we sailed up to the United States where we sold that boat.

Our trip to England from the U.S.A. to meet Mike's parents for the first time, was a disaster. We returned to South Africa and ended up building another Chinese Junk in East London then Cape Town. She was launched in 1982, we sailed from there in 1995.

Both our sons are married and live in North America. 2003 finds us living in America having crossed the Atlantic 3 times on this boat, 'Chi Lin' (the one we built). Mike and I sailed, with crew, to Ireland, England then back to America via the Caribbean etc. We have now applied for American permanent residence and hope to make our home somewhere on the West Coast of the States. We have three grand children; John and Joelle (in Vancouver, Canada) have Kanika born 1997 and Tristan born 1999. At the time of writing this, John has left Joelle.

Paul and Monta have Sirena born 2000. They live in San Diego, U.S.A.