CARTER, Christopher 'Kit' 
18 Aug 1935

CARTER, Christopher Beresford Dixon: 


CHRISTOPHER 'KIT' BERESFORD DIXON2 CARTER (HARRY DIXON1) was born 18 August 1935 in Johannesburg. He married CAROL ANNE SLATER 8 January 1966 in Port Elizabeth. She was born 23 April 1944 in Port Elizabeth. Kit is the grandson of ROSA6 FLEMMER (TOGER ABO AUGUST5) born 22 November 1882, and died 13 August 1953 in Bloemfontein. She married OSWALD BERESFORD LONSDALE 15 November 1909 in Cradock South Africa. He was born 14 November 1878 in King Williamstown South Africa, and died 23 December 1943 in Parkwood Johannesburg South Africa.


I was born on the 8th August 1935 in Johannesburg and grew up in the Transvaal. I went to boarding school at Dale College King Williams Town. When I left school I worked on a farm in the Cradock District and worked on several other farms in Natal and the Eastern Cape. In 1961 I decided to go farming on my own. I hired a small farm in the Port Elizabeth District. It was a battle as there was no money. I started a 'milk round' delivering milk door to door. This brought in a bit of much needed cash. I was then able to hire a bigger farm.

I married Carol Anne Slater on the 8th January 1966; she has been a wonderful wife and my inspiration all these years. We milk Jersey cows, have a small herd of Red Angus and run a flock of Dormer sheep. I enjoyed my rugby days but dairy farming and sport are not compatible.

Our son, Trevor Stewart was born on the 14th October 1966. On finishing school he went overseas to get more farming experience. On Jersey Island he met Lisa Cooper and they got married in 1991. They are the 5th generation to farm on 'Winlaton' the Slater family farm in the Port Elizabeth District about 8kms from us. They have no family but are adopting a baby expected in early June.

In 1968 we bought the farm 'Surry Hills' in the Port Elizabeth District. We love this farm and all the animals and are very happy here.

Our second son, Christopher Neil was born on the 26th September 1970. He also went overseas to get more farming experience. He came back and married Susan Mostert - that didn't last but they have a daughter Sharnei Catherine born 29th January 1993, and she lives with her mother. Neil married Hayley Louray Simpson on 30th May 1998 and they are trying for a family. Neil and I farm together on our family farm 'Surry Hills'. Neil is the 2nd generation on the farm.

Our daughter Jennifer Anne born 1st April 1972 married Lindsay Whitfield on the 13th May 1995. They have a daughter Emily Caitlin born 15th March 1999 and a son Gordon Carter Whitfield born 24th March 2002.

I am glad I don't live in Johannesburg anymore. I love our heavy air down here on the coast.