10 July 1936 -

COLE-ROUS, James Antony Mark: 


JAMES ANTONY MARK COLE 3 ROUS (MARCUS COLE2, JAMES COLE1) was born 10 July 1936 in Wynberg. He married EULALIE GLADYS ROWENA FRANZEN 13 July 1957 in Brakpan. She was born 9 May 1934 in Benoni Transvaal. James is the grandson of ANNA LOUISE6 FLEMMER (CHRISTIAN LUDVIG5) born 28 January 1874 in Cradock South Africa, and died 22 February 1941 in Observatory Johannesburg. She married JAMES COLE ROUS 26 March 1902 in the DRC, Cradock South Africa. He was born 25 April 1874, and died 1932.


I started school at Rondebosch Boys Prep school, then was sent to St. Johns College in Johannesburg, and left there to live again with my dad in Rondebosch, and was sent to Christian Brothers College Green Point as a day scholar. My final years of schooling were at Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch. Then I went to the South African Air force Gymnasium for my basic training. I trained as an Air Gunner/Radio operator, but due to a defect in my inner ear tubes was grounded and served at the Telecommunications Centre at Pretoria Air School 71.

After an honourable discharge I went to work in Johannesburg and after a couple of years in sales, I married Eulalie Gladys Rowena Franzsen born May 9, 1934 in Benoni Transvaal, on July 13, 1957 at Brakpan Transvaal. Rowena was daughter of Hugh Earling Franzsen whose father Frank, came out from Norway to Knysna as a boy, with his father Lars Franzsen. They arrived in 1869, together with the Thesen family of Knysna fame, in a little topsail Schooner. One of the Franzsens was a vice president of the South African Reserve Bank in the 60's and some of the girls lived in a house in Oranjezicht, where we visited them while on honeymoon. Rowena's mother was Ellie Staples, whose father owned Hayden near Tafelberg Hall and went on some of the hunting parties organized from Tafelberg Hall. Her grandfather was John Bath Staples who came out with the 1820 settlers,

We attended South African Bible Institute, in Brakpan, and were ordained together Sept. 16, 1958. and have served as Pastors of five churches in South Africa, and then joined Mission Aviation an Interchurch service agency providing air transport to missionaries and doctors in third world countries. Rowena was unable to bear children, and we adopted two: Sylvia Joy Cole-Rous born July 20, 1963 in Johannesburg, a Non disclosure adoption. Sylvia finished school and returned to Pietermaritzburg to enter Nursing at Greys. She went on to work for the IRS in Pmbg. and met Hilton Myburgh in Pmbg. Sylvia gave birth to Sabrina Courtney Grace Myburgh born March 18, 1997 in Pietermaritzburg. They live in Durban at this time, 2004, she is still with the IRS.

John Timothy Cole-Rous born July 4, 1970 in Johannesburg, a Non disclosure adoption. John finished school in Rosamond, California where he met Lorina Renee Ambriz born March 20, 1977 in Lancaster CA John and Lorina were married in San Diego May 20, 1995 Their first child was Alexandria Eyvonne Cole-Rous born Dec 6, 1993. Their second was John Junior Cole-Rous born October 6, 1995 and third Jaylen Timothy Cole-Rous born June 2, 2003 They live in Lancaster CA where John is currently Assistant Superintendent for a Building Construction Company.

Rowena and I served with MAF the first year as national Public Relations Officer, and then were sent to Zaire (Belgium Congo) for a year 1973, and flew about 100 hours a month there. Jungle flying in a single engine six seat Cessna 185 tail dragger. We were then placed in Transkei and served there as national operations manager and pilot. from Jan '74 to Nov 78. We were then asked to go to the USA on a Sabbatical to obtain a degree in Aerospace Maintenance and get the FAA licenses for Airframe and Powerplant. We did, graduated Magna cum laude and were preparing to return to South Africa. At that point MAF were at a loss to use us as they had closed operations in Transkei and did not have a place to put us with South African Passports! We were simultaneously asked by our Church to take a position in Los Angeles which needed Multi Ethnic experience and Children's Ministry experience. Kids work had been our hobby and we accepted, and spent five years building up a large and successful Childrens work for the Church in LA. We resigned to start our on our own as Childrens Evangelist, holding special services for all churches in the California and Oregon states. We moved to Missouri early in 2002 and settled in Springfield, and are still travelling to Churches for Special Services.

In 2003 we completed a 12 part Video series for Teacher Training and I learned how and edited all 7 hours of film myself. In 2004 we built and launched our own web site and are planning several Crusades, 4 or 5 night special series of meetings for Churches in Missouri and Arkansas and Texas.

P.S. Marcus had the Cole as a first name, but made it part of our surname as it goes back to the Cole sisters, one of whom married Harry Struben, who found Gold in what is now Johannesburg.

May 2004