"We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were

having fun!"


On this page we'd like to encourage family members to send in fond/ or not so fond memories they may have of something....place......person in their past which helps to weave a stronger story of the Flemmer family history. Please e-mail stories (short or long) to colllemmer@gmail.com.

And I'll add them in here. It would be great if you could include dates or some kind of a time estimate.


Submitted by Steve Herbert Jan 2016

In an idle moment recently I searched the SA Archives data base and was surprised to see more Flemmer files had been added to the list. I had gone through all available ones at the time I researched the Story of the South African Flemmers. There’s more work to be done! But a file that caught my eye was the estate file of my grandmother Kathleen Flemmer (Nolan Neylan). It included the joint will with my grandfather Marius Toger Flemmer, their antenuptial contract among much else. But I think what really interested me (and I think many of us ‘East London’ Flemmer descendants) was a listing of the house at Bonza Bay in the contract. 


In 1903 it was valued at a surprising £825. Given that at the time it was a long, long way from East London and it didn’t include the land, this was a lot of money. Roughly in today’s terms it would be £79, 120 or R1, 850, 000. I can remember my Mom telling me that when she was a girl it was virtually a day’s trek with the ox wagon out there for the summer holidays. I suppose now it’s no more than 10 minutes by car from the Nahoon River.


The mention of Bonza Bay brought back many good memories for me. After a three day trip by car or train from Salisbury to East London we would spend weeks at the Bonza Bay camp. There was no running water or electricity and a drop toilet down in the bushes. There were I think three pretty ramshackle buildings and a constant stream of cousins, uncle and aunts coming to visit or stay. It was heaven, totally unspoilt and a place where we kids could run wild from morning til night. What a wonderful place it was.